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Sanjoy Dey

Sanjoy Dey, an exceptionally gifted and celebrated Indian singer, has captivated audiences across Europe with his extraordinary talent. His music knows no bounds, soaring beyond the confines of traditional genres. Renowned for his versatility, Sanjoy has been adorned with numerous prestigious awards, including the esteemed R D Burman Award, which stands as a testament to his remarkable abilities.

Immersing himself in the pursuit of musical excellence, Sanjoy pursued his studies at the esteemed Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, India. As a student, he delved deep into the world of Tagore's compositions, emerging as an unrivalled exponent of this revered art form. However, Sanjoy's love for music transcends any singular domain—his passion for his craft permeates every fibre of his being.

Having honed his skills to perfection, Sanjoy has become a familiar presence on musical stages worldwide, gracing countless festivals and concerts dedicated to Indian music. His performances have graced illustrious events such as the Biswa Bangla Sammelon in Baltimore, USA, the Saudha Bangla Music Festival in London, and the Concert for SAA UK, to name just a few. Moreover, his talent has found a home in renowned academic venues like SOAS and the University of Leeds, where he continues to mesmerize audiences with his artistry.




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