Sanjoy Dey


Sanjoy Dey's journey in the realm of music is strikingly distinct and illustrious, marking him as a beacon of Indian cultural heritage in Europe. As a reverent disciple of Rabindra Sangeet and an accomplished versatile vocalist, he has seamlessly bridged the gap between the rich traditions of Indian music and the eclectic taste of the British Asian diaspora. This journey of two decades is adorned with his devotion to spreading the enchantment of Indian music far and wide, significantly through his educational endeavors. The R D Burman award, a testament to his extraordinary talent and contributions, further cements his status as a maestro of Indian music, underscoring the depth of his musical expertise and his relentless pursuit of excellence in this field.

The foundation of five significant music organisations underlines Sanjoy Dey's commitment to nurturing and propelling Indian music on foreign soil. Each entity – Robika-UK, Robi-Bharoti, NEOM (New Era of Music), WAVE, and Sanjoy’s Academy – serves a unique purpose but aligns with the common goal of disseminating Indian music's beauty and versatility. Among these, Robi-Bharoti stands out as a flagship institution in London, dedicated to imparting Indian musical wisdom to the British Asian diaspora. This initiative not only provides a platform for learning and exploration but also fosters a community bound by the love for music, thereby ensuring the continuity and evolution of Indian music traditions abroad.

Sanjoy Dey's rich educational background from Rabindra Bharati University has undoubtedly been instrumental in his profound understanding and execution of Indian music. His participation in globally prestigious festivals and concerts – such as the Biswa Bangla Sommelon in the USA, Saudha Bangla Music Festival in London, and performances at SOAS and the University of Leeds, to name a few – showcases not only his exceptional talent but also his dedication to showcasing Indian music on an international stage. These performances, held at esteemed venues across the world, underscore his versatility and ability to connect with diverse audiences, furthering his mission to globalize Indian music and culture.

Embracing a holistic approach to music, Sanjoy Dey has recently embarked on an innovative venture, "music for well-being," which underscores the therapeutic power of music. Through this initiative, he encourages individuals to incorporate music into their daily lives as a means to enhance well-being and happiness. This reflects a profound understanding of music's role beyond entertainment – as a conduit for healing, stress relief, and personal fulfillment. By advocating for the integration of music into everyday life, Sanjoy Dey not only enriches lives with melody and rhythm but also promotes a healthier, more harmonious society. Through his myriad contributions, Sanjoy Dey continues to be a luminary in the field of Indian music, inspiring countless individuals to explore and embrace the transformative power of music.

Work experience:

Music Producer/Performer, Haringey Community Hub, Wood Green – 07/2017 – Present.

Bringing cultural music to life through performance Teaching compositions

Allowing individuals to express through music composing

Teaching instrumental techniques

Music Co-ordinator, Saa UK, Leeds- 10/2011 – 11/2011

Teaching elderly people Music performance Support and Guidance Health & Safety measures

Performer, All across the UK, Self-Employed – Present

Traveling to different events, parties, concerts performing

Educational Achievements

Oriental Media Forum in Kolkata has awarded me for my contribution as a Professional Singer in September 2019

Hobbies & Interests:

I mostly enjoy reading educational books in my free time. I love spending time with friends by going out to concerts, movies. Recently I became the music teacher of Robi – Bharoti , a musical institution based in London. I am also a producer of the TV shows named ‘ E emon porichoy ‘ and ‘ Jana ojana ‘ which are very popular in UK and Europe.

Background: :

Since early childhood Sanjoy had derived immense pleasure composing songs. As a student of Rabindra Bharati University he was highly appraised by Kanika Banerjee.

This young handsome talent not only excelled in Rabindra Sangeet, but already created a niche in Najrul Geeti, Modern Bengali songs, Regional folk songs and hindi songs in various stage shows arid solo performances throughout the world.

With good number of years backing his career as a singer, o spirited personality, a charming smile arid melodious voice. Sanjoy is considered to be the best performer on stage.

Awards & Recognition :

The Prestigious R. D. Burman Award was awarded to him in 1997. In the year 2000 after having performed arid highly praised at Biswa Bangla Sammelan in USA, Sanjoy was granted honourary citizenship of the city of Clarksville, Tennessee. USA.

Other facets :

Last but not the least Sanjoy makes an excellent conversationalist. With his inclination to all good things in life. Sanjoy has not restricted himself only to the world of music but has come further to set our TV screens ablaze with his performance as an actor.

Achievements :

Later in 2004 Sanjoy made both Mid West Bangla Sammelan in Kansas city and Biswas Bangla Sammelan at Baltimore a grand success and memorable event singing evergreen numbers which left a deep and everlasting effect upon his audience.