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Defines music as “the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” In the modern world of the internet, music is a huge part of our lives. Music can instantly change our mood and make us feel good. There are many ways to enjoy your favourite songs or get introduced to new artists. In this article, we will discuss how you can share your music with the rest of the world in an effective way. How Music Helps to Heal People Scientists claim that music can do much more than just uplift the mood. It has extreme power to heal human beings. It directly affects the heart and mind including other major organs in a way to help patients with circulatory conditions. Study leader professor Luciano Bernard, from the University of Pavia, said that "music induces a continuous, dynamic and, to some extent, predictable change in the cardiovascular system". Music can also be used to heal the mental status as well as the soul of a human being. It provides peace to the inner soul of a person. A trainer can use music therapy on someone to achieve the desired results of the calmness of the patient. Few common health benefits of music: ● It improves mood. ● It reduces stress. ● It lessens anxiety. ● Increases the speed of exercising. ● It also eases pain. ● It provides comfort. ● It also improves cognition. Conclusion Music is a necessity for human beings. Music has many effects on the human body, it also heals people by providing them peace and joy.


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